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03 Nov / A virtual revolution: Landscape of medical VR

The large market opportunity for virtual reality (VR) that exists is in the Healthcare industry, specifically in the rehabilitation and therapy segment of this industry. The virtual reality healthcare market has previously been dominated by applications for Surgery, Medical data visualization, and education & training. However, the recent proliferation of low cost hardware, high quality displays, and the ability to graphically track patient movement through the new hardware’s accelerometers has created a viable market opportunity to create rehabilitation scenarios for patients with Neurological disorders.

Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, concussions, and phobias are distinct due to the transmission of signals through the nervous system from the brain to specific receptors that produce an action or in-action. VR provides a unique opportunity to help patients with Neurological disorders because any imaginable environment can be created and displayed to patients while being in the comfort of a hospital or clinical setting. VR will absolutely change the way that Doctors and physicians treat patients in the future.

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