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13 Oct / Techtoberfest: Virtual Reality Application

At this year’s Techtoberfest Virtuvius VR will be presenting their Parkinson’s Virtual Reality healthcare application. As stated by Stone, “our client MDDT, a Parkinson’s Disease Research company, has contracted the Virtuvius team to build scenarios that will help with the rehabilitation of their patients disease. Patients with Parkinson’s disease have a disorder known as freezing of gait or freezing of motion. Freezing of gait occurs most often in patients with Parkinson’s when performing a high-risk or high anxiety task. MDDT needs three scenarios built in order to determine if freezing of gait can be decreased in its patients. With Dr. Mandar Jog, Director of the National Parkinson Foundation and movement disorder specialist, Jack Lee, we are building scenarios that include crossing a street, performing tasks in a kitchen, and choosing items at a grocer. The goal is to study patients over a period of time performing these tasks within these virtual environments and determine if the rehabilitation program improves these same tasks in real-life.” Vitruvius VR hopes that virtual reality can help shape changes in the medical industry.

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