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18 Dec / Virtual Reality Squash Game: Squash VR

Two months ago we set out to build a fully immersive virtual reality squash game. We started with the Oculus Rift and Structure Sensor to create the size of a room. Today, the finished demo uses the Oculus Rift for displaying the virtual squash court, the Microsoft Kinect 2 for tracking your movement within the court (bedroom), and the Myo Armband as the controller (Swipe right with your hand to play, make a fist to serve the ball and double tap your thumb to your forefinger to re-serve the ball).

The game allows you to virtually move within a squash court while being in an empty room and train your squash skills in the comfort of your home! Obviously, the video is just a teaser of what we hope to be a seamless playing experience but we wanted to show you early and help push the virtual reality movement forward.

Watch it here: Squash VR

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