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17 Jun / Facebook + Microsoft = Virtual Reality

Announced earlier this week at E3, Microsoft has officially partnered with Facebook’s Oculus Rift to bring virtual reality to the masses. The Oculus Rift headset which is set to be sold in the Best Buy’s closest to you in Spring of 2016 will now automatically have support from Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10. This partnership means some pretty big things for virtual reality and it’s mainstream adoption curve!

As stated from TheVerge Article

“Microsoft also wins a key part of the Oculus Rift experience without much effort. Oculus Rift developers will standardize around the Xbox One controller as it ships with every Rift, meaning if there’s any potential of the Rift natively supporting the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 in the future, then Microsoft is already in a very good position. Oculus Rift won’t work on the Mac or Linux initially, so Windows also gets a head start as the primary platform.”

By Facebook’s Oculus shipping with the Xbox One’s controller in the box it gives users an already ubiquitous controller layout to navigate virtual reality worlds with. The value that virtual reality brings and the experience it provides is undoubted, and now with these technology giants partnering together, amazing virtual reality experiences will be possible for everyone a lot quicker !

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