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Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada – 360˚ Shark Week

13 Jul, by ShiftVR in ShiftVR Blog

shiftVR has filmed and created a 360˚/  Virtual Reality experience that brings Ripley’s “Dangerous Lagoon” underwater shark aquarium to life. This has been one of the first marketing applications for 360˚ video and VR that is consumable on mass scale. Beginning Sunday July 5th 2015…

OnePlus Phones & FREE Cardboard VR

27 Jun, by ShiftVR in ShiftVR Blog

OnePlus, an Android Phone Maker has just made a big move by announcing that they will ship Google Cardboard type VR displays for FREE with it’s phone. These types of ambitious moves is what’s driving VR forward and will lead to increased adoption when more…

Facebook + Microsoft = Virtual Reality

17 Jun, by ShiftVR in ShiftVR Blog

Announced earlier this week at E3, Microsoft has officially partnered with Facebook’s Oculus Rift to bring virtual reality to the masses. The Oculus Rift headset which is set to be sold in the Best Buy’s closest to you in Spring of 2016 will now automatically…

Virtual Reality Storytelling “Henry”

09 Jun, by ShiftVR in ShiftVR Blog

The Oculus Story Studio is bringing stories to life through Virtual Reality: Here’s a bit about the Studio that is changing the way people tell stories. Rather than reading or watching; Viewers can now experience and build an ever more emotional connection to characters within…

Jurassic Park: Mobile Virtual Reality

06 Jun, by ShiftVR in ShiftVR Blog

This Friday June 5th was the debut of Jurassic World’s (Jurassic Park’s) new mobile virtual reality experience in selected Bestbuy’s across the United States. Samsung created this virtual reality experience for the promotion of Jurrassic World and the release of their soon to be consumer grade Gear…

Patron: A Tequila VR Experience

05 Jun, by ShiftVR in ShiftVR Blog

Last month, Patron brought their Tequila making process to life through virtual reality (VR) and 360 degree video. They combined real footage of the distillery along with computer generated VR content to re-create the tequila making process and show the hand-crafted nature of their tequila….

Virtual Reality and why it matters for marketing

29 May, by ShiftVR in ShiftVR Blog

The rise and power of Virtual reality (VR) has not gone unnoticed by today’s technology giants. With the purchase of Oculus VR for $2 billion in 2014, Facebook effectively ushered in an era many knew was rapidly approaching. As stated by Mark Zuckerburg, “This is…

Google Jumps on VR with 360 degree video

28 May, by ShiftVR in ShiftVR Blog

Google today announced a new virtual reality system called Jump that uses a special new camera rig created in partnership with GoPro. It’s a crazy-looking 360-degree camera array that uses 16 separate GoPro cameras. Google is creating the hardware and software needed for professionals to shoot stereoscopic…

GoPro buys a 360 degree Video/ VR company

28 Apr, by ShiftVR in ShiftVR Blog

GoPro has always been on the forefront of innovation and today they just announced their purchase of the 360 degree video/ VR company “Kolor”. GoPro now leads the charge for VR content through their use of camera rigs (that can hold up to 14 GoPro’s…

YouTube’s 360 degree player is changing VR

16 Mar, by ShiftVR in ShiftVR Blog

While mainstream Virtual reality is hard to envision for most, (millions of people wearing head mounted goggles), YouTube is making VR a reality through video. 360 degree content is shot using multi-lens cameras and provides a 360 degree x 360 degree viewing experience. YouTube recently…