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16 Mar / YouTube’s 360 degree player is changing VR

While mainstream Virtual reality is hard to envision for most, (millions of people wearing head mounted goggles), YouTube is making VR a reality through video. 360 degree content is shot using multi-lens cameras and provides a 360 degree x 360 degree viewing experience.

YouTube recently added 360 degree video support to web and Android app versions of the site. If you’re using a phone or tablet, you’ll be able to move the device around to see alternative angles (like in the clip above). The web version works similarly to what’s used for Google Maps — you can tap a series of arrows or drag with the mouse to see other views.

While the feature will enhance the entertainment factor for videos, the move is likely part of a greater effort from Google to make clips more viewing-friendly for virtual reality headsets. YouTube is paving a pathway for VR content over the web.

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