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09 Jun / Virtual Reality Storytelling “Henry”

The Oculus Story Studio is bringing stories to life through Virtual Reality:

Here’s a bit about the Studio that is changing the way people tell stories. Rather than reading or watching; Viewers can now experience and build an ever more emotional connection to characters within a movie.

“Every time I visit a virtual world I’m overwhelmed by possibilities. The far-reaching creative implications of actually feeling like you’re somewhere else are palpable, entirely transformative and obvious. That’s the easy part. Now we have to learn how to do this right.

Stories are told through tons of different mediums and the craft has been in a state of evolution as long as we have. Cave paintings, campfires, stage plays, opera, books, movies and games among many others. The truth is, these formats are often non-interchangeable. It’s the reason why great books can make such lousy movies– all the detail of those beautifully written chapters is lost when crammed into just 90 minutes. Story is best told in its intended format—The same is true for Virtual Reality.”

The Oculus story studio has created their second Virtual Reality Story called “Henry”. “Henry tells the story of a cute hedgehog that has trouble making friends because of his appearance. Oculus Story Studio describes it as a heartwarming comedy.”

Watch the full video and explanation here: “Henry”

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