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28 May / Google Jumps on VR with 360 degree video

Google today announced a new virtual reality system called Jump that uses a special new camera rig created in partnership with GoPro. It’s a crazy-looking 360-degree camera array that uses 16 separate GoPro cameras.

Google is creating the hardware and software needed for professionals to shoot stereoscopic 3D- 360 degree video. Most 360 degree video today is monoscopic, meaning that it does not have that additional layer of dimension to it.

Due to Google’s whopping 16 cameras, the output produced is in ultra high-definition and is 3D, meaning that objects that are closer to the camera actually “look” like they are closer when viewing on a 360 degree player or on Virtual Reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

Google’s high quality 360 degree capture system and VR software is going to change the way we consume content in the future.

Read more on it here: The Verge- Google Jump

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