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05 Jun / Patron: A Tequila VR Experience

Last month, Patron brought their Tequila making process to life through virtual reality (VR) and 360 degree video. They combined real footage of the distillery along with computer generated VR content to re-create the tequila making process and show the hand-crafted nature of their tequila.

Here’s what they tried to accomplish:

“Every bottle of Patrón tequila is handcrafted with passion and precision—from the agave fields of Jalisco to the distillery floor of Hacienda Patrón. This artisanal process is what sets Patrón apart from its peers, so the brand wanted to offer tequila aficionados the chance to experience it up close and personal through VR.

To bring the Art of Patrón to life,  a love story was crafted  that could only be told through a first-of-its-kind VR experience. With Patrón’s signature bee as the guide (narrated by John Ventimiglia, the infamous Artie Buco of The Sopranos), fans watch from the bee’s point-of-view as it chases an agave plant being harvested and transformed into tequila. ”

As Patron being one of the largest and most well known tequila makers in the world, showing off their process through the eyes of a VR bee brought their hand-crafted process to life!

Check out the Video Here:

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